Photo Courtesy of Karibu-Mambo Mzuri

Death has undermined the many years of conservation efforts of endangered species,
Today we all mourn

I personally mourn

Mother nature I know you are not happy

If Wangari Mathai was still alive, those rhinos would have still been alive

Does those KWS officials understand what conservation means?

Do they have any idea of the term endangered species?

What was the major driving force   behind the shift

Was lake Nakuru and Nairobi parks not good for them

So now they are like “they died mysteriously “how?

Do they just apply for positions without knowing what conservation means?
So now they are tight-lipped yet they were so first in shifting the rhinos

You could have listen to conservationist’s plea

This is a major step back. A MAJOR STEP BACK!

Everything is foggy, the bizarre deaths

You said you had done the tests of the new location then why the salt talks.

Just come out clearly and tell us if you wanted the rhinos dead at first place

Or was it a foul play? because death at once!

Then recently a milestone one! ooh no we can’t stand this

KWS we need you to come out

My country people, the innocent people out there

Rhino is going extinct and today after the 11 translocation   there is only one, injured, sick, and crying with emaciated liquid eyes remaining at TSAVO far from  its home,


This is very sad!

(Poem: Nachale J. Marriam.)


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