Happy Mother’s Day Mother Nature

Let’s all come together and shout out to our mothers. This day Marks the day we all rise up and recognize every mother on earth for their selfless efforts they offered to raise us. Surely I must say that no one in this world possesses a heart of pure gold like a mother. We all came to this world through our mothers and we thank God for blessing us with them. Behind every family happiness there is always a mother who keeps everything together. I thank all the amazing, hardworking mothers for supporting us everyday. Thank you for encouraging us to be ourselves even when we know we aren’t the most beautiful turtle out there. It is the efforts of our mothers that have raised strong, young men and women who will be the future of this amazing country. The values of strength and resilience you instilled in us is what makes us what we are today. 

Happy Mothers Day to All Mothers!

I won’t forget about Mother Nature?

From Image: Man was safe from effects of ocean waves and tides but after he cleared all the mangroves which acted as a shock absorber, the water destroyed his own house because there were no more trees to slow down the water.

Nature is mother to every living thing in this world. We breathe in Fresh air because of mother nature,we drink and eat because of mother nature,we walk on land because of mother nature. Do you know that it is mother Nature that provides ecosystem services? The provisioning of basic needs eg. food,shelter and clothes comes from mother nature. 

The heat we get from sun will neither destroy nor harm us if we become careful on how we release harmful gases into the atmosphere. The waters in our rivers,oceans,lakes,seas,streams and ponds cannot be a hazard to us if we control and become cautious on how we release wastes into our water bodies.

We have allowed the development process to control us to an extent of  felling trees recklessly.  This has left the soil bare leaving no ground cover to slow down surface runoff, this interferes with the natural process of Mother Nature. Let’s take an example of our city Nairobi which has witnessed flooding in the recent past, the disaster of flooding is just but the results of man’s interference with nature. We have also constructed infrastructure in riparian zones destroying buffers which interferes with the natural waterways leading to diversion of water leading to floods. Reckless dumping is another disaster ,we are responsible for all the plastics that are blocking our drainage systems. If the trend continues without restrictions on how we dispose our solid waste, the repeated digging up and cleaning of the drainage system is nothing but futile and a waste of the country’s resources. Littering and improper dumping of waste may interfere with our drainage systems leading to blockage which has it’s own repercussions. If water does not drain, it will enter our houses,cars,destroy our crops and we will start complaining that the rain is too much. Take a flashback and try understand the words of the great environmental enthusiast Prof Wangari Mathai who once said that “Mother Nature is Very generous but unforgiving”. We should ensure that in every action we take,in every move we make ,we take caution not to disappoint mother nature. Let’s dispose our waste well and plant as many trees as possible.

I am wishing every mother on earth a happy mother’s day and let’s all stand to save our mother earth.

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