Bennittes Kipyegon studied Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies at Karatina University. The passion for environment in him can be traced back to his early primary education where he gathered tree seedlings from shops around Kapkirwok shopping centre and started raising them. When he was in standard two he raised 10 avocado fruit seedlings and planted them all,Six out of ten survived and until now the trees are bearing fruits which are consumed at home and some sold.
In the year 2005 he raised more than 100 cypress tree seedlings where he shared some with his friends during tree planting season. The school had encouraged all pupils to plant a tree each in the school compound. Bennittes during that time planted two himself and up to date if you visit Kapkirwok primary school,you can be able to see the trees which have survived to maturity. Bennittes joined Karatina university and despite the fact that he was admitted to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Applied Statistics with Computing,he chose to pursue his dream to become an environmentalist. He changed the program and studied Bachelor of science degree in Environmental studies. In the year 2015 when he enrolled for his undergraduate studies,he joined Nature Club of Karatina University where he actively participated in club’s activities which included; Tree planting and mentorship programmes,Clean up activities and debating.
His efforts and interest to lead his fellow colleagues in Environmental matters made him seek a leadership post and was elected as the vice editor of nature club and later went unopposed  after his good job during his first term in office to lead club’s editorial department. Bennittes has supported several environmental activities and he hopes that his relentless efforts in environmental conservation will bear good fruits for both the current and future generations.